Wayne Holmes Keynote and Conference Speaker

Background: Wayne came to us wanting to take his business to the next level by expanding his speaking program, creating effective marketing materials, and building a professional website. He also wanted to receive business and LinkedIn coaching to improve his business strategy and maximize his potential.


  1. Develop a speaking program that targets a niche audience and allows for more speaking engagement bookings.
  2. Create marketing materials that effectively promote Wayne’s services and increase his visibility in the industry.
  3. Build a professional website that showcases his expertise and services.
  4. Provide business coaching to improve Wayne’s business strategy and increase his revenue.


  1. Speaking Program Development: Our team conducted extensive research on Wayne’s target audience, industry trends, and competition. We then worked closely with Wayne to develop a speaking program that would appeal to his target audience and differentiate him from his competitors. We created a comprehensive program that included keynote speeches, workshops, and training sessions, all tailored to the needs of Wayne’s target audience.
  2. Marketing Material Creation: We created a range of marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and social media posts, to promote Wayne’s speaking program. We also created a branding strategy that would help Wayne stand out in the industry. Our team focused on creating a consistent message across all marketing channels, highlighting Wayne’s expertise and unique approach to business coaching.
  3. Website Construction: We built a professional website that showcased Wayne’s expertise and services. The website included a comprehensive description of Wayne’s speaking program and testimonials from satisfied clients.
  4. Business Coaching: We provide Wayne with ongoing business coaching to improve his strategy and increase his revenue. We helped Wayne identify new revenue streams, set achievable goals, and develop a marketing plan to reach a wider audience. We also provided feedback on Wayne’s speaking engagements, presence on video and helping him refine his presentations and improve his delivery.


  1. Speaking Program Development: Wayne’s new speaking program was well-received by his target audience, resulting in an increase in speaking engagements and revenue.
  2. Marketing Material Creation: Wayne’s new marketing materials effectively promoted his services, increasing his visibility and attracting new clients.
  3. Website Construction: Wayne’s professional website helped establish his credibility and increased his online presence, resulting in more website traffic and inquiries.
  4. Business Coaching: Wayne’s business coaching and mentorship sessions helped him develop a more effective strategy, resulting in increased revenue and a more successful and impactful business and brand overall.
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