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Executive branding differentiates your team and your company from the competition along with attracting ideal clients to you. Customers do not want to buy from faceless corporations anymore, they want to buy from other people that they like and trust. Having an effective personal brand that is relatable, shares your story, and communicates to your target audience is increasingly more important on LinkedIn and grows in value each day. Personal branding and brand strategy help tell your story efficiently along with producing real financial growth for your business. Since effective branding encompasses so many aspects of a business, we believe that a successfully implemented brand strategy amongst executive leadership directly correlates to the ultimate success of a company. So what do we do?

Our goal is to help convey your vision and story to the world, grow your audience and expand your possibilities in ways you never thought possible.

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Executive Personal Branding

As with all successful projects, we will begin with a broader conversation. Typically, this is a 45 to 60-minute conversation where you share your story. As we take notes, they will be used to craft a personal positioning strategy unique to you. This initial conversation allows us to understand your unique story in an effective manner that communicates to your target audience.

Additionally, as part of the deliverables for communicating your brand, we like to conduct a video interview discussing who you and your brand are and simply having a conversation to offer others a glimpse into who you are. This video is part of a broader package of promotion where we share you, your story, and communicate the ethos of your brand to our broad audience. Once your brand is crafted, we will develop your professional biography, conduct a full LinkedIn profile audit, and we can discuss capitalizing fully on LinkedIn offerings such as LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Newsletters.

Lastly, we will create for you your personal visual brand guide including a personal logo, style guide, and social media templates.

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of people trust recommendations from individuals over company brands.


of people are more likely to trust a company when their senior executives are active on social media

Personal Branding Packages

Personal Brand Package - $5,000 USD

Our first step is to understand where our clients are now and what their goals are on LinkedIn. We identify the social selling index of our clients and use this as a baseline for exact areas improvement is needed. Once goals and objectives are identified we work to optimize all areas of your LinkedIn profile using SEO, copywriting and visual design. We identify a marketing and networking strategy for your specific goals once your profile is fully optimized. Then, we guide our clients through a step-by-step approach to growth marketing strategies, networking and team building on social media.

We teach our clients video best practices and how to become confident on camera. This package is for someone who is serious about their professional growth, wants to attract top talent onto their team, retain employees, advance in their career, grow followers, increase engagement and be perceived as a highly successful leader and visionary.

Content Strategy

Design Strategy

Monthly Content Management

With your brand established, Best Branding Solutions is available to help you maintain and continue your growth with content management. Our packages are intended for executives looking to save time and optimize their results fully with daily community engagement, networking and posting. Our content management provides maximum reach and growth by combining all methods of outreach and community management. Our  packages are designed to optimize your time as effectively as possible while reaching your goals rapidly.

Platinum Package

$1,200 USD For 3 Months

$1,100 USD For 6-12 Months

Gold Package

$950 USD For 3 Months

$850 USD for 6-12 Months


LinkedIn is an ever-growing platform with over 880 million global members and nearly 180 million users in the United States alone. It is important for the world to see you as distinguished and differentiated. We help shape and craft personal brands for executives that set them apart. We coach, guide, and develop personal brands for executives that showcase them as subject matter experts, leaders, and visionaries.