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Branding differentiates you from the competition along with attracting ideal clients to you. Customers do not want to buy from faceless corporations anymore, they want to buy from other people that they like and trust. Having an effective personal brand that is relatable, shares your story, and communicates to your target audience, grows in value each day. Personal branding and brand strategy help tell your story efficiently along with producing real financial growth for your business. Since effective branding encompasses so many aspects of a business, we believe that a successfully implemented brand strategy directly correlates to the ultimate success of a speaker’s business. Our goal is to help convey your story to the world, increase your visibility, grow your audience, amplify your reach, increase your profitability. and expand your business in ways you never thought possible.

What we are best at.


Professional Speaker Branding

Initial Brand Assessment & Goal Setting:

  • Brand Audit
  • Goal Identification

Brand Development:

  • Identify Target Client Avatar & Niche
  • Brand Identity & Messaging
  • Development of Brand Story
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Marketing Materials & Collateral
  • Market Positioning Strategy
  • Pricing & Package Strategy
  • Identify Authority & Credibility Builders
  • Refine Messaging & Presentation

Online Presence Enhancement:

  • Content Creation & Management
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Public Relations & Media Features
  • Media Outreach Strategy
  • Press Kit
  • Sales Funnel Optimization

Tara's innovative approach to branding takes you beyond what you ever imagined was possible! After working on my speaking programs, marketing material, LinkedIn posts, and overall brand strategy I was able to increase my offering anywhere from 200-500%.

As a professional speaker of 12 years, I was charging four-figures. I booked my first five-figure speaking engagement because of Tara's coaching within one week.


Strategic Brand Consulting For Professional Speakers

Discovery Package

3 Month Program

  • 2 – One Hour Strategic Consulting session (2 per month).
  • 2– 30 Min – Accountability and Motivational Sessions (Via Phone or Zoom)
  • Branded speaking marketing templates are provided.

VIP Package

3 Month Program

  • 4 – One Hour Strategic Consulting Session (4 per month).
  • Membership to the online LinkedIn Personal Branding Program.
  • Branded speaking marketing materials, done-for-you service.
  • Full LinkedIn profile optimization, done-for-you service.

Celebrity Package

6 Month Program

  • 4 – One Hour Strategic Consulting Session (4 per month).
  • Membership to the online LinkedIn Personal Branding Program.
  • Branded speaking marketing materials, done-for-you service.
  • Full LinkedIn profile optimization, done-for-you service.
  • Access to exclusive training on PR, including how to be seen by reporters, appear on TV, craft the perfect PR pitch, TEDx, and more!
  • Website design & construction, done-for-you service.

Weekly review and feedback on submitted goals, strategic plans, unlimited email, and support throughout the consulting agreement.

*Access to Tara LaFon Gooch via text, phone, or email on a regular basis. In-person meetings are available upon request, the client is responsible for travel expenses incurred with Celebrity Package.

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Podcast production

This is a fully done-for-you service that includes top-tier guest scheduling so that all you have to do is show up and record your episodes. We handle the rest!

Are you ready to amplify your voice, share your message, and connect with a wider audience? Our Podcast Production Service is tailored to help you do just that. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to guide you through every stage of podcast creation, from inception to broadcast-ready episodes on a monthly subscription basis. 

Our mission is to get your podcast into the top 1% of podcasts in 6 months or less so you can grow your brand in months, not years.

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"With this service, you'll never have to worry about finding and booking guests again. Within the first two days, I was receiving a staggering 5-10 bookings per day and each guest has been high caliber, very professional, and great to work with. With this service, you don't need to have thousands of followers or connections in order to succeed in podcasting because you get to leverage Tara's large social media network."

What's Included

LinkedIN profile RE/BRAND

This service is for busy professionals who are serious about maximizing their growth on LinkedIn, increasing awareness of their brand, and want to learn how to make the most of this platform in a short time. All success on LinkedIn starts with a professionally designed and fully optimized profile that leads to trust, increased perceived value, and greater brand exposure.

Our clients choose this option when they’re applying for an executive-level position or are transitioning in their careers. Other clients want to refresh their page to create a better image for their business on Linkedin.

Here's What To Expect

Sign up and pay for the 60 min re/Brand call with Tara.

Tara will review the questionnaire with you over the 60 min session.

After this session, Tara will start working on your re/Brand deliverable build-out.

Within five business days of our call, your profile will be completed and optimized according to your goals, this is a fully done-for-you service.

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What's Included

  • Full Profile Copywriting, Personal LinkedIn Page Optimization strategy, Headline Optimization, Updated Work History, & Updated About Section.
  • SEO & Keywords that maximize visibility and get the right people to view your profile & connect with you.
  • Brand Style Guide – custom 1-page PDF document created w/ your colors and fonts to use for future socials, podcasts, or live streams.
  • During our call, we will review your LinkedIn personal brand and I will audit your profile. I will also show you the strategies I use to optimize your profile with attention-grabbing elements that convert onlookers into connections and then into opportunities.
  • I will review a brief content strategy that you can use to repurpose on other social media platforms and provide you with handouts.
  • I will show you how to increase sales effectiveness on LinkedIn and generate high-quality leads.
  • Custom Banner personalized to fit your brand and goals for LinkedIn. Includes 2 versions to choose from.
  • Signature Brand Post Templates ( we include 10 proven post templates and ghostwriting).
  • Profile video coaching and profile headshot guidelines.

One day, literally one day, after Tara worked on my profile, my brand, and set me up for success- I had 3 new clients!! One day- 3 new clients!!


Tara excels at what she does. I asked her to help me promote a new additional business on LinkedIn and she really came through. Her knowledge and expertise in branding, marketing, and social media are impressive. Thank you Tara for all of your help!


Tara has made a fantastic impact on my LinkedIn strategy in such a short period of time. I have learned so many fabulously simple and innovative approaches to grow and expand my networking opportunity on LinkedIn. Tara is an amazingly passionate and focused lady with a huge amount of integrity that is obvious within seconds of meeting her. If you want to make a huge positive change to your marketing strategy then I urge you to connect with Tara now. Highly recommended.


Now available, The LinkedIn Personal Branding Program is our exclusive program and cohort to help you maximize your LinkedIn experience.

Gain a competitive edge, increase your perceived value, attract opportunities, and get in the door.

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“Your brand walks into the room before you do.” - Tara LaFon Gooch

When someone looks you up on Google, what results will they find? Your brand and your digital footprint will either make first impressions favorable or detract from opportunities. We understand the importance of this and make sure our clients recognize what it takes to show up well online to make their first impressions the best possible with decision-makers.

A well-defined brand strategy leads to long-term success. The American Marketing Association reports that companies with strong brands tend to be more resilient to economic downturns. For your speaking business to have longevity and thrive, despite the economy, it needs to have strong brand strategy. After all, brand equity can account for up to 80% of a company’s market value according to a study by Forbes. If your brand isn’t your highest priority in your business, it should be.

We help develop and engineer brands for speakers, thought leaders, CEOs and authors that set them apart in their niche. We coach, strategize, and grow brands that take you from aspiring to inspiring so that you can maximize your purpose, reach, and profit.

Leadership Speaker, keynote speaker, personal branding expert, TEDx speaker, bestselling author, business consultant
Leadership Speaker, keynote speaker, personal branding expert, TEDx speaker, bestselling author, business consultant

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