Dr. Stephanie Stoddart Coaching

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The Challenge

Background: Stoddart Coaching is a boutique coaching and consulting company that helps dentists to work less, earn more, and live fully.


  1. Brand Audit & Strategy 
  2. LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  3. Visual Identity and Logo Design
  4. Social Media Advertisements
  5. Web Design & Development

Our Process

Our relationship with Dr. Stoddart began well before we were ever involved in helping her brand grow. As an established LinkedIn connection we shared very similar goals and values.

When Dr. Stoddart realized she was ready to take the next steps in her professional journey and move into a space where she could better help her fellow dentist we were there to help her establish her brand and begin her journey. 


Project Details

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Content
  • Web Design & Development

With an understanding of Dr. Stoddart’s goals we helped bring to life her ideal client personas and develop a brand that communicates to her ideal customers and aligns with her values and mission to help dentists succeed in life and in their practice. 

Our deliverables of visual identity, logo design, social media optimization, as well as web deign and development delivered to Dr. Stoddart the toolkit she needed for the next evolution in her career.