Integrity Management Consulting

The Challenge

Background: Integrity Management Consulting is the project management business founded by CEO Greg Charles. 


  1. Brand Strategy Development
  2. Copywriting
  3. Visual Identity
  4. Social Media Audit and Optimization
  5. Web Design and Development


linkedin banner
Social Media Post for greg charles


With an understanding of Greg’s role with Integrity Management Solutions and his desires to establish a brand separate from his persona we had a blueprint to understand his audience and deliver the assets that we deemed strategically relevant. Beginning with a LinkedIn audit we crafted copy that spoke to his audience and accurately reflected on his role and capabilities as Integrity Management Solutions. 

This was the blueprint for all of the copywriting moving forward as we crafted social media and for the website. 

For the visual identity and logo followed with our strategic understanding of the audience while integrating the request of incorporating an I-beam, an essential part of the project management that IMC is a part of in the construction industry.