Nadia Boutaoui, PhD, EMBA-H

The Challenge & Strategy

Background: Dr. Nadia Boutaoui, PhD, EMBA-H, is a highly accomplished and esteemed professional with a rich background in academia and executive leadership. With extensive expertise in her field, Dr. Boutaoui sought to amplify her visibility, establish a robust personal brand, and effectively reach her target audience.

Challenge: Dr. Boutaoui faced the challenge of breaking through the noise in a competitive market to showcase her expertise and thought leadership. She aimed to secure media coverage, including features in renowned outlets, and coveted opportunities for interviews to enhance her brand presence.

Strategy: To address Dr. Boutaoui’s objectives, a comprehensive strategy was devised focusing on leveraging media opportunities, strategic networking, and targeted outreach. The approach included:


  1. Identifying Key Media Outlets: Research was conducted to pinpoint high-profile media platforms that aligned with Dr. Boutaoui’s expertise and target audience.

  2. Crafting Compelling Pitches: Tailored pitches were developed highlighting Dr. Boutaoui’s unique insights, achievements, and relevance to current industry trends.

  3. Establishing Thought Leadership Platforms: Efforts were made to position Dr. Boutaoui as a thought leader through contributed articles, speaking engagements, and participation in industry events.

  4. Strategic Networking: Engaging with journalists and industry insiders was prioritized to expand Dr. Boutaoui’s network and unlock new opportunities.

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NASDAQ Interview
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Fox News, NY

Our Process

Our process for elevating Dr. Nadia Boutaoui’s visibility involved a multifaceted approach aimed at maximizing her exposure and impact. Central to our strategy was interview preparation, where Dr. Boutaoui received coaching to refine her messaging, enhance her communication skills, and effectively convey her expertise and insights. Additionally, we meticulously researched and identified key media outlets aligned with her target audience, industry, and expertise. Leveraging this research, we crafted tailored pitches highlighting Dr. Boutaoui’s unique value proposition, achievements, and relevance to current trends. 

Our pitches were meticulously personalized to resonate with each media outlet’s audience and editorial focus, increasing the likelihood of securing impactful coverage. Through this process, we ensured that Dr. Boutaoui’s message was strategically positioned to capture attention and resonate with her intended audience, ultimately driving her visibility and brand recognition to new heights.


Project Details

  • Craft compelling pitches.
  • Identify key media outlets.
  • Engage in strategic networking.
  • Establish thought leadership platforms.
  • Interview preparation and media coaching.

Within the span of 60 days, the strategy yielded impressive results:

  1. Feature on Fox News, New York: Through targeted outreach and a compelling pitch, Dr. Boutaoui secured a coveted feature on Fox News in New York. The segment showcased her expertise in her field, reaching a broad audience and enhancing her credibility as a thought leader.

  2. Interview with NASDAQ: Leveraging her visibility from the Fox News feature, Dr. Boutaoui was invited for an exclusive interview with NASDAQ. The interview provided a platform for her to discuss industry insights and market trends, further solidifying her reputation as an authority in her field.

  3. Top 1% Global Podcast Guest Spot: Through strategic networking and outreach efforts, Dr. Boutaoui secured a guest spot on a top 1% global podcast. The podcast appearance enabled her to share her expertise with a diverse audience, elevating her personal brand on a global scale.

The concerted efforts to enhance Dr. Boutaoui’s visibility and personal brand yielded significant outcomes:

  • Increased Media Presence: Dr. Boutaoui was featured in prestigious media outlets, expanding her reach and influence within her industry.
  • Enhanced Credibility: By positioning herself as a thought leader, Dr. Boutaoui bolstered her credibility and reputation among peers and stakeholders.
  • Expanded Network: Engaging with key stakeholders and influencers enriched Dr. Boutaoui’s network, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.