Best Branding Solutions is built on principles that drive inter-connectivity.

Recent industry surveys suggest that on average, brand equity accounts for 1/3 or more of shareholder value. There is a direct correlation between brand and company earnings. We believe the same is true when an executive develops a strong brand, it increases the perceived value of an organization along with adding creditability and visibility. Best Branding Solutions offers personalized executive branding specifically tailored to LinkedIn. With over 800 million users globally and roughly 180 million users in the United States alone, LinkedIn is an ever-growing platform and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Mission: To expand potential by creating groundbreaking branding that sets our clients apart, inspires change and creates impact within communities and individual lives.

Core Values:

  • We act with integrity.
  • We inspire, motivate and educate.
  • We embrace an ownership mentality.
  • We lead with kindness, empathy, equality and inclusion.
  • We are passionate about forming meaningful relationships.
Photo of Tara Gooch

Tara Lafon Gooch, CEO

I am the youngest of five siblings from a small town in Maryland. I learned from an early age the importance of grit, determination, and perseverance. My childhood helped shape me and prepare me to become an accomplished adult. I am proud to say that I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate college and obtain an advanced degree. I worked my way through college and graduated with zero debt, something that I am very proud to have accomplished. It taught me that if you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it. In many ways, this helped shape my entrepreneurship journey. I have found that the harder I work towards my goals and the greater action I take the closer I get to where I want to be.

In 2022 I left my career in the corporate world to take a full leap into entrepreneurship. While it has been at times a bumpy ride it has been an incredible journey. In my role as CEO, I set the strategic direction of our company which focuses on promoting our client-first culture to drive long-term success. As a business owner, I am looking to make impactful change for executives and businesses alike by building personal brands that highlight leaders as visionaries in their field and improve the digital footprint of my clients. My goal is to expand the current definition of what branding means and how it can improve any business or person. I have seen and continue to see the incredible benefits of having an established personal brand and want to help as many people as possible achieve the same results.


  • MBA Business Analytics, 2021 – University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Financial Management Certificate, 2018 – Cornell University
  • Professional Certificate in Management, 2017 – University of Notre Dame 
  • B.S, Environmental Biology, 2009 – Wingate University
Photo of Josh Gooch

Josh Gooch, President and Creative Director

I am a North Carolina native, a husband and father. I enjoy nature, hiking, football (Go Panthers!) and being creative.  My favorite part of the design process is developing ideas and brainstorming.  While this process is often times the most challenging, I feel that it is the most rewarding.  As a creative I have been helping clients grow their businesses for over twenty years in the freelance space.  For me, turning a dream into a reality is something that drives me and helps keep me focused on the big picture goals that my clients have.  My passion for design and branding began early in my life and it has always been a focal point in my career.  My fifteen year career as a Department Head teaching Graphic Design and Advertising at the college level has brought many fond memories in helping to develop designer’s fine tune their skills and abilities.  My goal as the President and Creative director at Best Branding Solutions is to help navigate clients through the design process with a focus on brand cohesiveness.


  • M.S. Vocational Education, 2015 – East Carolina University
  • B.F.A. Graphic Design, 2001 – Appalachian State University
  • Adobe Certified Associate Certification
    Visual Design Using Photoshop
    Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator
    Print and Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign
  • UAS Remote Pilot Drone Operator


LinkedIn is an ever-growing platform with over 880 million global members and nearly 180 million users in the United States alone. It is important for the world to see you as distinguished and differentiated. We help shape and craft personal brands for executives that set them apart. We coach, guide, and develop personal brands for executives that showcase them as subject matter experts, leaders, and visionaries.